What is Prevent?

The UK Counter-Terrorism (CONTEST) Strategy was developed to tackle threats that the UK face from a range of extremist and terrorist ideologies, groups and individuals. Prevent is one strand of this strategy, and sits alongside Pursue, Protect and Prepare.

In 2015, the UK Government placed a duty on specified authorities (including schools, colleges and universities) to have, in the exercise of their functions, “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”.

Simply put, Prevent is about safeguarding individuals from being drawn into terrorism, ensuring those vulnerable to extremist and terrorist narratives are given appropriate advice and support at an early stage.

Prevent Training

All staff attended the latest ‘Prevent’ training in partnership with the Grange School and Twynham Learning Partnership in order to up-skill staff relating to radicalisation and extremism.  Staff will continue to extend their safeguarding knowledge and understanding in this area as required by the Counter Terrorism and Security Act.