In Year Fair Access – Re-integration to Mainstream School

As a ‘Short Stay Pupil Referral Unit’, Christchurch Learning Centre works with BCP Council to ensure that permanently excluded pupils have every opportunity to succeed academically.  We ensure that pupils have access to a curriculum that enables them to re-engage with learning and when deemed appropriate, make a positive return to a mainstream setting.

Pupils placed at the Learning Centre are assessed for an initial period of six weeks, followed by a progress review. At this review we will consider whether a pupil is ready to begin the process of re-integrating to a mainstream school. The decision will be based on a number of factors including positive behaviour records, academic attainment and progress data, staff feedback and questionnaires. 

The IYFA Process:

When the Centre considers a pupil is ready, parents/carers will be approached regarding the In Year Fair Access admission form that they completed on induction to the Centre.  Parents will be asked if the chosen school preferences remain the same before an application is made to the panel.  Additional paperwork such as behaviour logs and attendance data are then prepared and submitted.

The application and accompanying information is presented to a panel comprising of an independent chair, local mainstream Headteachers and additional personnel from BCP council. This panel meets every two weeks during term time throughout the year. Once pupil information is presented to the panel, the Learning Centre has no control over the school allocation process. 

Once a pupil is offered a school place, a carefully managed re-integration programme is initiated with the details of the transition agreed between The Learning Centre and the receiving mainstream school. Re-integration periods can last between 1 and 6 weeks and are unique to each pupil and receiving mainstream setting.  They may consist of the following:

  • Direct transfer to fulltime mainstream school
  • Initial short taster sessions at mainstream school
  • Initial split timetable between The Centre and the receiving mainstream school

All re-integrations will eventually result in a pupil returning to fulltime mainstream education.

Support by The Learning Centre may be offered in the following ways:

  • 1:1 in class support
  • Supportive presence in the classroom
  • Morning meet and greet
  • Weekly support meetings

Other support strategies may be offered depending on the policy of the receiving school.

Parents will need to attend an admission meeting at the receiving school and will be required to provide uniform and necessary equipment as stipulated. Parents are also responsible for transport to and from school, with a possible exception during short taster sessions where The Learning Centre may be able to assist.

Once a re-integration has been agreed, The Learning Centre will endeavour to ensure parents are fully informed with regard to progress and changes to provision.

Further information is available from The Learning Centre on 01202 471410 or


School Admissions – BCP Council

In Year Fair Access Form