Food Technology

“In cooking, you have to be able to master something good, before you can make it something great” Katie King Rumford

Our philosophy is that everyone should learn the skills to be able to prepare and cook nutritional, tasty dishes. Once pupils have learnt basic skills, they are then able to adapt and develop techniques which enable them to produce more complex dishes.

Each half term follows a theme, for example, vegetarian. Pupils will explore new foods and recipes that fit within the theme and make a variety of sweet and savoury dishes.

At the end of each half term, KS4, pupils will be provided with a ‘mystery box’ assessment. The pupils are given one or two key ingredients alongside other store cupboard items which they must then use to create an experimental dish without a recipe. This is an opportunity for pupils to reflect upon and learn from the skills they have learnt during that half term.

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Food Technology Muffin