“It is health which is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver” Mahatma Gandhi

The PSHEE curriculum provides learners with a valuable opportunity to explore topics that are important to the holistic development of young people. Learners engage in a range of teaching activities to explore subjects which promote and support healthy lifestyle choices in relation to physical, emotional, intellectual, social and economic health and wellbeing. PSHEE ensures that learners are provided with up to date, factual information in order to make positive, informed choices.

PSHEE is underpinned by a range of accredited courses which includes ASDAN PSHE, Citizenship, Beliefs and Values courses, as well as progression and employability sessions to support further education and economic wellbeing in the future. PSHEE also supports further education and career development, as well as ensuring that learners know how to make healthy and safe life decisions. PSHEE is delivered both by PSHEE teachers and specialist outside speakers.

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